All About Coffee Subscriptions!

How Do I Setup a Subscription?

-On the product page of your favorite coffee, choose the bag size and quantity that you want to include in your subscription. Then select either Ground or Express shipping options. Next, choose if you'd prefer monthly shipments, or every 2 months (select via dropdown box).

-The Ground option is the lowest cost shipping method, but may take additional time to arrive (see below for more information). 

-Your subscription is flexible -- you can mix and match all coffees and bag sizes!

What Are the Benefits of a Coffee Subscription?

-It saves time -- with a subscription, there's no need to log on and place an order every month -- the coffee will simply arrive at your door around the same time every month! If you like to switch things up, you can easily modify your subscription any time.

-With any of our coffee subscriptions, you are guaranteed to receive coffee from the most recent batch that we have at the time of shipment. We will be receiving shipments twice a month, so your coffee will always be fresh! 

-All Subscriptions include discounted pricing as well as discounted flat rate shipping anywhere in the USA

Should I Pick the Ground or Express Subscription?

-We offer subscriptions for Ground or Express shipping. The Express option is mainly for customers in the western half of the USA. For customers in this area, the Express option may cost about the same as the Ground option, while decreasing shipping speed from 4-5 days to 2-3 days. For everyone else, the Ground option is typically 2-3 days and costs less than Express. If you're not sure which is best for you, add your subscription items to your cart using both Ground and Express options, and compare shipping rates. 

-At the time of this writing, Ground subscriptions will be shipped via UPS or USPS and Express subscriptions will be shipped via Fedex. 

When Does My Subscription Ship?

By default, your subscription starts on the date of the original order, and your subsequent orders will be fulfilled on the same day every month. You can easily change your ship date in your subscription portal (emailed link).

Is There A Contract With the Subscription?

There is no contract, and you may cancel or modify your subscription at any time via the subscription portal (emailed link).

Can I Change/Modify My Subscription?

You may cancel or modify your subscription at any time via the subscription portal (emailed link). This includes changing to a different coffee, size, or quantity, modifying payment methods, shipping dates, or pausing your subscription.

Can I order other items along with my subscription order?

-If desired, you can order non-subscription accessories and 'One Time Purchase' coffees at the same time as your initial subscription order, but our website will bill the shipping costs separately. In some cases, we'll need to make shipping cost adjustments on the back end. Please send us a message if you think your shipping cost is incorrect or too high.

-If you already have a subscription and you'd like to save on shipping by adding an accessory to your next shipment (for example, an espresso cup), please send us a message and we'll be happy to send a separate invoice for any non-subscription purchases. 

Can I Create a Custom Subscription?

Our website allows for Monthly and Bi-Monthly (every other month) subscriptions for up to 19 pounds of coffee. If you need a different interval or higher quantity, please let us know, and we can setup a custom subscription. 

Why don't you offer free shipping?

We charge actual shipping costs (and even less than cost for subscriptions). Despite the 'Amazon' effect, we prefer transparency in our pricing and shipping rates. This allows us to offer the lowest possible TOTAL pricing, no matter where you live. 

Is there a Subscription for a Cafe or Commercial Use?  

If you're interested in offering Saka/Tafuri coffee at your commercial establishment, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us and let us know your specific requirements:

Why can't I sign up for a subscription?

Subscriptions are currently available for customers located in the USA. If you're located outside the USA and you're interested in a subscription, send us a message, and we can setup a custom subscription. 

Need Help with a Question Not Answered Here?  

Please see the following guide for more info: How Subscriptions Work


We appreciate your feedback! Please bear with us while we work out any kinks with this new system -- thanks!

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